Lizards Control

Implementing methods to manage and deter lizard infestations in residential or commercial spaces.

Cockroch Control

Management and eradication of cockroach infestations using specialized pest control techniques and treatments.

Bed Bugs Control

Managing and eradicating bed bug infestations through specialized treatment methods and preventive measures.

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Wood Borer Control

Treatment designed to eliminate wood borers, preserving wooden structures by using specific insecticides or preventive measures.

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment involves applying chemicals or barriers to protect against termite infestations in structures or buildings.

Rodent Control

Control rodents like rats for a safer environment through effective pest management methods.

Birds Control

Management methods to deter or control bird infestations in specific areas or properties.

Mosquitoes & Flies Control

Control mosquitoes and flies for a pest-free environment using effective pest management techniques.


Residential Pest Control

Living rooms, Bedrooms, Dining , Kitchen,Pantry,Bathrooms,
Foundation and Walls,Yard and Garden.

Commercial Pest Control

Offices, Conference Rooms,Storage Rooms ,Loading Docks, Entryways,Restrooms,Locker Rooms,Restaurants, Food Service

Industrial Pest Control

Manufacturing Plants,,Warehouses Storage Facilities,Chemical, Pharmaceutical Facilities,Waste Management, Recycling Centers

Agriculture Pest Control

Crop Monitoring,Inspection,Pesticides,
Crop Rotation and Plant Diversity,Soil Treatment,Post-Harvest Pest Management

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